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Mighty Hearts Newsletter, Fall 2011

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True Christmas Thoughts

True Christmas isn’t just a program of Mighty Hearts. It is the heart and soul of what the entire organization is all about, reaching children with the message of Jesus Christ every year. Before there were children’s clubs in Peru, there was True Christmas. When I think of the Mighty Hearts-Peru True Christmas program, I get excited because I know that it’s an event that changes lives and impacts children that would otherwise not be reached. None of the children that participate in the True Christmas program are current Mighty Hearts club members, so True Christmas is a pure outreach initiative. The kids that are reached are the neediest children in their communities. They are hand-picked to participate in this special event. They are hungry for the love and attention that they receive, and they are hungry for the message of salvation that they hear. I’m so encouraged by our team down in Peru. From a church of around 2000 people, there were over 800 volunteers that helped to make True Christmas happen last year. That’s just an incredible commitment to reaching children. Teams travel to the mountains, jungles, and deserts to reach kids throughout the entire country, and they go all-out to give the children a top-notch program. I’m humbled and inspired by the dedication to reach and love children for Jesus at the time of year when it’s easiest to get caught up in everything else. This is what Christmas is truly about.

Help Close Our 2011 Giving Gap

As I walked my daughter down the aisle a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help reflect upon the amazing resources we have in the United States to help our children become God-loving functional adults. Peace, order, safety, education, good jobs, medical care and nutrition are just a few things we easily take for granted as parents. Even though many of these privileges have been more difficult to obtain here in recent years, it is a stark contrast to most developing countries like Peru.

In fact, as our U.S. economy has declined, Peru has flourished. In my recent trips to Peru, I’ve noticed more construction, more cars (thus, more horns being used), more people out and about, etc.; however, let’s not be fooled by the true impact of Peru’s economic improvement relative to the effects on the poor.

In a recent conversation with Pastor Antonio Rojas, MHI – Peru, he told me about the frustrations poor families in Peru are experiencing as they, for all practical
purposes, watch the good economy pass them by with no tangible opportunities to improve the lives of their families. I’m sure there are many reasons for this
but I know that you can only work so many hours a day and if your pay rate is not improved, you end up with the same result. Antonio said that some people have taken advantage of the economy by trying to work more hours at the expense of healthy family living. It is also tempting for single parents to pull their children out of school to put them to work on the streets.

MHI is devoted to helping the poor and disadvantaged with primary focus on young children in the country of Peru. Our U.S. economy has negatively impacted donations to Mighty Hearts during the year to the point where we are barely able to provide the basics for the children. Imagine the impact your special gift can have on even a single child that receives a new outfit along with a fun snack and loving hug at their weekly club meeting. We need your help “Keeping Children’s Dreams Alive” for the 700 kids in Peru that benefit from an amazing ministry of love and care!

Thank you and may God bless you abundantly.


Back To School

This is the season for back to school sales; buy one get one free, 1 cent for a box of crayons (limit 3), etc. If you are out and about and have a chance to nab a deal, this can be a great way to contribute to Mighty Hearts International in a very tangible way.

We are always collecting school supplies, vitamins and clothing for the children in Mighty Hearts – Peru. We stuff our luggage with these items before heading down to Lima and enjoy seeing the encouragement this gives to the volunteer team on the ground. It’s also an act of love and compassion toward the children who are so happy and thankful to receive any of these items to help them grow to be the people God designed them to be. Call or drop us an email if you have items donate. Thank you for your love and continued support of Mighty Hearts International!

Discovery Land in Peru

A few weeks ago, I joined a small team from Appleton Alliance Church travelling to Lima, Peru to train about 100 members of AAC’s sister church for the official launch of Discovery Land, a world class Sunday school program. The significance of this is that many of the 700 children in Mighty Hearts International – Peru attend our sister church and benefit from the DL experience!

Discovery Land is a fun, interactive program to teach children about God and how to apply His truths in their lives. It also strongly encourages parents to be active in the learning process. For the Mighty Hearts kids in Peru, DL offers another weekly experience to reinforce how special they are through love and high quality Christian education that they can put to use every day.

A special thanks to all of the volunteers that worked very hard for many months preparing for this trip. Curriculum had to be translated, teaching props collected and packed and Peru DL leaders prepped via video conferences. Other than a few flight delays, all went well and the program is underway. Pray that many more of our Mighty Hearts children will get to experience Discovery Land.


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Lamentations 4:4 - Because of thirst the infant’s tongue sticks to the roof of its mouth; the children beg for bread, but no one gives it to them. (NIV, ©2011)