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June 2014 Newsletter and Summer Giving Campaign

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Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Human Race – A family event

As we gear up again for the Human Race on May 4th, I have family on my mind.    We have had a recent addition to our family last September (Alicia Mae Gellings), and it’s a little mind-blowing that the Gellings household is now a family of four.    However, it also reminded me that the Human Race is a true family event.    Of the many participants that will be running and walking, some will be pushing strollers, some will be bringing along the family dog, and some will participate in wheelchairs.    It is really an event for all.   

It’s so appropriate, because I think of the Medical Mission that this event will support for Mighty Hearts, and it’s also all about the family.     The children come through the clinic as a family…sometimes as an extended family if an aunt or a grandparent is the only guardian available.    In the clinic, in addition to taking photos for the files of the children, the mission team also takes a family photo for the family to take home with them.   This is a gift that the families really appreciate! 

In addition to paying attention to the health of the children, the medical team also helps the parents understand the importance of nutrition, hygiene and a loving home to the overall health of the children…..and gives them tools to provide healthy meals and a clean, loving environment for the children.    Family is very important to the mission of Mighty Hearts International……so I’m thrilled that the Human Race is such a family-friendly event…..so join the Mighty Hearts International team…..and bring the whole family.    After the “race”, there are brats and hotdogs for everyone.    In addition, this year, a portion of the Badger marching band will perform the 5th Quarter.    We’ll look forward to seeing you there!  



Letting Go

It’s official; Tracy and I are ‘empty nesters’. Within the past year, both of our children married the men God chose for them. As a father, I couldn’t be more pleased with our two new sons—they love the Lord and know they are accountable to Him as husbands. As I sit here this morning over a cup of coffee (at Starbucks, of course), I really wonder how time has passed so quickly.

Did we as parents do everything we were supposed to do to prepare our girls for adult, married life? To be honest, the answer is no. We did the best we could and will continue to trust God to take it from here. We are grateful for all the resources and people God placed in our family’s lives along the way. We needed help and it is that fact that helps drive our passion to do the same for many other parents through Mighty Hearts International. 

Over the next few weeks, I will carry on this theme of raising children by contrasting the differences of doing that in the U.S. and developing countries. Through your help, we at Mighty Hearts hope to forever change the path of hundreds of kids so when their parents ‘let go’, they can be at peace.

Thank you and God bless,


Tasting Success…

I’ve got Medical Missions on my mind.   Last Thursday, I attended the UNOs Chicago Grill Peru Gathering and Fundraiser.   It was great to see all kinds of people passionate about Peru…as well as those that wanted to share some good pizza for a worthy cause.    Our next big fund-raiser, “The Human Race”, will be held on May 5th on the Thrivent grounds.  

All of the proceeds of both will benefit this year’s Medical Mission trip in late July.    The medical team will bring many different supplies, including a very large supply of children’s vitamins with iron.  You might be asking yourself why a medical team would bring vitamins on a medical mission trip.   That’s a good question!   Many of the issues that the medical team deals with at the temporary clinic are a result of malnutrition.   One of the biggest problems with the children has been iron-deficiency.   Poverty induced diets lacking meats and key vegetables make for problems with low iron.   Symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, inattentiveness, irritability, and dizziness.  

One of the ways that Mighty Hearts helps families in this area is to provide a supply of children’s vitamins with iron to children that visit the clinic.    In February of 2011, each child visiting the clinic received a 2-month supply of vitamins.    On top of that, guardians received training on low-cost alternatives for iron-rich and fiber-rich meals.   Visitors to the clinic also received a nutritious snack.    

When I hear stories that some of the children in the Mighty Hearts program have gone from low in their class to the tops in their class, I get excited.    It’s pretty tough for children with iron-deficiency symptoms to achieve such high levels of success in the classroom.   One of our goals is to provide every child in the program a year’s supply of vitamins.    It all starts with some pizza with friends!    What a tasty way to change the lives of children in Peru!

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