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The Children’s Clubs are designed to serve the many needy children in Peru. Their mission is to set impoverished children free from social crisis while taking an active role in the physical and spiritual development of those children. There are 20 clubs spread throughout Peru with roughly 25 children in each club. These clubs are one of our greatest success stories at Mighty Hearts International!

The Children’s Clubs are by far the most popular and highly anticipated activity for the Peruvian children. They look forward to each Saturday as if it were Christmas morning! The club leaders and their teams match the energy and excitement shown by the children every single week. They play games and lead activities for the children while sharing plenty of hugs, smiles, and words of encouragement!

The essence of the clubs is to “serve the children”. With that in mind, the leaders are trained to look for signs of abuse or areas of trouble in the children. They use kind words and fun activities to help grow a positive self-image within the children. Great efforts are made to make sure that each child feels special.

Through biblical stories and lessons, children are given a solid understanding of how to grow into physically and spiritually healthy young adults. A large emphasis is placed on developing a heart for the Lord and others. The ultimate goal is to bring out the “Mighty Heart” in each child!

What we do in the Children’s Clubs:

Above all we LOVE THE KIDS! We want every single child to feel special. Why? Because they are! Many of the children come from homes where little or no love is shown. These clubs are designed to show children the love of Jesus Christ. The clubs are set up to be a safe place for the children, a place where they are encouraged to be themselves. Leaders use kind words and fun activities to help grow a positive self-image within the children. Great efforts are made to make sure that each child feels special and loved.

During each Saturday meeting there is also time for the leaders to talk with their groups. This is a precious opportunity for the leaders to open their hearts to the children by showing them the amazing love that God has for each of them!

Once a month all of the clubs will meet for a massive celebration with fun and games for the children and their families. The goal is to get entire families involved so that parents can see the joy in their children while at the clubs.

How we do it:

TRAINING! Every volunteer undergoes training where they are taught to be effective leaders, enforce positive discipline, and teach the gospel with consistency and clarity. The Children’s Clubs use Awana training, a Bible-based education curriculum, designed to teach children the principles and life lessons outlined in the Bible. Awana uses biblical lessons to help churches and parents develop spiritually strong children who faithfully follow Jesus Christ. All of the verses the children memorize are age appropriate and thoroughly explained within the proper context. As the children grow in both age and faith the Awana program grows with them.

One of our greatest assets is our club leadership. The dedication shown by these individuals is truly a blessing to Mighty Hearts International™. Their positive attitude and love for the children is not something they have been taught, it is their gift! They are using these gifts to make a positive difference in Peru.

How we know it’s working:

Because of the lessons learned in the Children’s Clubs many of our graduates have been able to keep their dreams alive. Instead of going to work at an early age, many children stay in school and improve their grades. The encouragement the children receive through the clubs has given them the confidence to take education seriously and perform better in school!

Another huge sign of success we are seeing is that children from our clubs are changing the hearts of their whole family. Parents see that change and are encouraged to make a change themselves leading to a healthier and happy home life for many families. This has been a blessing for the entire community. The ripple effect of the Children’s Clubs is powerful and it is only getting stronger. It is powerful to see how God is working to change entire families for the better.

After graduation, many of the children make the transition from their club to the youth group at their local church. From there many of those children come back and volunteer as a leader at their club. Watching the children grow into leadership roles is a great sign of success for the clubs. It shows the effectiveness of the training and makes all of the time and effort worthwhile!

Through the years we have seen our children grow hearts that are truly mighty! We have also seen those children come back and share their gifts with others. They are proud to be club graduates but, more importantly, they are Christ-followers who are confident, capable, and equipped to make a better life for themselves and others.

Lamentations 4:4 - Because of thirst the infant’s tongue sticks to the roof of its mouth; the children beg for bread, but no one gives it to them. (NIV, ©2011)